Drumheller Family Literacy



“The family is the strongest element in shaping lives. It’s the most powerful support network there is. It’s where the cycle of learning begins, where the attitudes of parents about learning become the educational values of their children. Through education of more than one generation, family literacy programs build on families’ strengths and provide the tools and support they need to become stronger and more self-sufficient.”
(National Centre for Family Literacy – Kentucky).

Family Literacy – is in all the day to day things you do! Talking, rhyming, singing, reading, playing, writing, puzzles, dancing. This learning serves as a foundation for the rest of a child’s life. Doing family literacy activities as part of your daily routine will help your child to have a strong future and can prevent them from struggling through school. Imagine the benefits!

Check out our programs that go from birth to 17. Let us help you build your parenting tool box and strengthen your life long learning skills:

*Circle Rhyme Time * Power Of Four *Badlands Building Blocks *Outside the Book * *Homework….”Help!”*

“It’s never too early….it’s never too late!”

For more information, contact:

Louise Henrickson, Coordinator

email: drumfamilyliteracy@gmail.com

phone: 403-823-8300